WOD Monday, 14 August 2017 02:40

  • I'm loving these #partnercarryphotos from last week, you guys killed it! Let's start this week off right with a nasty girl workout:

    Row 1k
    50 thrusters (45/35)
    30 pull ups
    For time. 
    #seeyouthere #wcfr #whatsyourgoal

WOD Saturday, 12 August 2017 02:33

  • Wait, you thought you worked out hard today? Meg works out in the AM, then comes back in the PM for a repeat where she carries Brady (literally) through it! Ha, seriously, though, I'd never recommend a repeat, but nice work Meg!

    8:00 Olympic lifting
    9:00 Team WOD

    #wcfr #weekendgainz #teamwodsobringafriend

WOD Friday, 11 August 2017 01:59

It's starting to feel like summer is dwindling down, isn't it? I know you had goals at the beginning of the year and the beginning of the summer...do you remember them? The good thing about personal goals is that there is no deadline! Set a goal to get going now! It is NEVER too late to get moving. What better way than with a partner workout?

Teams of 2:
200m partner carry
150 double unders
100 partner wall ball
80 KBS 53/35
60 partner medball situp
40 plate burpee 35/25
20 jumping lunges

#getinthegym #nevertoolate #setagoal #wcfr

WOD Thursday, 10 August 2017 01:41

WOD Wednesday, 09 August 2017 02:15

  • Hey look, it's that guy the @wasatchbrutes beat this past weekend! Ha, seriously though, it was such a great competition and shows why we like to get a little competitive in the gym-it makes us all better!

    Rope Climb
    10 and 1
    20 and 2
    30 and 3
    For time. 
    Kipping is allowed. 
    Rest as needed. 
    200 m. Sled push for time. (Around building) M:90lb. W: 60lb. (25’s+2.5’s each side)
    For time. 
    2 separate scores.

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