WOD Monday, 04 September 2017 02:44

  • Remember, only ONE workout tomorrow at 8:00 AM!! And because it's Labor Day, we'll do a hero WOD we haven't done before!


    For time:
    Run 400 meters
    155-lb. clean and jerks, 15 reps
    Run 400 meters
    30 toes-to-bars
    Run 400 meters
    45 wall-ball shots, 20-lb. ball
    Run 400 meters
    1.5-pood kettlebell swings, 45 reps
    Run 400 meters
    30 ring dips
    Run 400 meters
    155-lb. weighted lunges, 15 steps
    Run 400 meters

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WOD Saturday, 02 September 2017 02:55

WOD Friday, 01 September 2017 02:39

  • How bad do you want to be good? What are you willing to do? @heidthesweetswanted to be good at double unders, so she decided to take coaching and do some extra work. Guess what? She can easily string 30 together now! Awesome work!! For Labor Day Monday, our only WOD will be at 8:00 AM. Hero WOD of course!

    Handstand pushups

    #wcfr #howbaddoyouwantit #hardwork#hardworkpaysoff #extracredit

WOD Thursday, 31 August 2017 04:00

  • That sprint was so painful today, you guys rocked it! Bench press on the menu tomorrow:

    Bench Press 8-8-6-6-4-4
    Between each set complete 1x strict pull ups for max reps
    Rest as needed

    #wcfr #powerlifting #whyisitsohotstill

WOD Wednesday, 30 August 2017 00:59

Great work on that #olympicweightlifting today everyone! We cannot say enough about how valuable mastering these complex lifts can be. Back to regular grinding tomorrow:

Row 600/500 m
Run 400 m
Russian twist x 30 (45/25lb. plate)
Box Jump x 20 (30/24)
Rest 3:00
2 rounds for total time

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