WOD Friday, 28 April 2017 03:35

Crappy weather. ✔️ running with a smile ✔️ way to go everyone today! That's a lot of running going on today! And even more pull ups! 
Here we go for another day of goodness! 
Strength Super set 
5*4 no bounce deadlift, at least 80% 
5*4 Max Effort Ring Dips 
In teams of 2 
15 Min AMRAP, aka chipper from Hell 
50 alternating Burpees 
40 alternating Wall balls 
30 sumo deadlift high pulls 
20 thrusters 105/75
10 V ups

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WOD Thursday, 27 April 2017 02:10

Good work! Talk about some fun times on the west side of Centerville, Utah! Come party it up and look like these two! And it's always a good day when @thelimejuicy comes in. And James questioned his reality today... Thursday:
20 minute amrap
Run 400m
Max Pull Ups *don't tear, be smart. Tearing is NOT cool at all. Nothing good comes from tearing your hands up. Don't scale back, but if you feel your hands starting to go, do ring rows or jumping pull ups.

WOD Wednesday, 26 April 2017 04:29

Oh boy... I'll just leave this right here... Wednesday:
“If you drop the bar you're a quitter….." Row 30 cals
Box Jump x 30 (30/24)
Back Squat x 30 (135/95)
Box Jump x 30 (30/24)
Row 30 cals
For time.

WOD Tuesday, 25 April 2017 02:10

  • Just before the violence of the movement.... :) Reminder, @andi.petty is hosting a nutrition challenge with tons of neat prizes! Reach out to her to find out what's up! It's gonna start May 1st! 
    Pressing Complex
    12 mins to establish heaviest. Build slowly, enjoy the process! Get strong 
    1x strict press
    2x push press
    3 x push jerk (split jerk allowed)

    Then: “Beach Season approaches"

    T2B x 8
    (HR)Push Up x 12
    8 Rounds for time. 
    #beachseason #crossfit #crossfitfamily #instautah#gojazz

WOD Sunday, 23 April 2017 23:30

  • You ever wonder how you are a 6 AM'er? Just be pretty crazy. 
    Anyone interested in a nutrition challenge? @andi.petty is going to run a challenge starting May 1st. So be on the look out for those details! 
    Monday: “Go faster"

    Power Clean x 15 (95/65)
    Air Squat x 20
    Row x 200 m.
    Rest 1:00
    5 rounds for time. 
    #crossfit #instautah #gojazz #crossfitaffiliate#awesome

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