WOD Thursday, 04 May 2017 03:38

  • Momma #gainz!!! Don't mess with the hell cat! Check out the results in the next slide to see how you did against the other classes. Maybe let your friends know you crushed them! ☺ 
    Tomorrow is a heavy lifting day, nothing wrong with that, in fact everything is right with that!!! Thursday:
    Build to heaviest complex as you advance through:
    12 EMOTM
    1x power snatch
    1x below the knee hang power snatch


    Hang Power snatch x 6 (165/110)
    Wall Ball x 18 (20/14)
    5 rounds for time.
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WOD Wednesday, 03 May 2017 02:55

  • Do you like bench press, cuz I love bench press! That was some serious work, your chest will hate you tomorrow, but LOVE you during beach season!!! Here we go for some heavy fun! 
    “Posterior Anterior”
    Dead Lift x 22
    Box Jump x 22
    HSPU x 22
    T2B x 22
    2 rounds for time.

    Dead lift is at Body weight
    Box jump 30/24 inches (no rebounding. A jump down is allowed but no springing immediately back up, this is a rule for a reason.)
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WOD Tuesday, 02 May 2017 02:26

4 PM class is absolutely killing it!! Good job!

WOD Monday, 01 May 2017 03:24

  • Oh hello Monday, you sexy beast... how about a Metcon? Or is that sexy beast @davidtinman? Either way, it's gonna be a good week! See you tomorrow morning and as you improve your total health and fitness! :) Monday: “Metabolic Monday”
    Hang Squat Clean
    Bar facing Burpee

    Rest 3:00

    Clean and Jerk
    Pistol (Each leg; 24/18/12)

    Rest 3:00

    For time.

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WOD Saturday, 29 April 2017 02:47

How are you using your fitness outside the gym? Just had this sent to me from a fellow crossfitter who just loved being in southern Utah! 
8:00 AM Olympic Style Weightlifting
9:00 AM WOD. 
I bet you want to know what the WOD is... so do I! 
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