WOD Tuesday, 28 November 2017 02:56

Mark your calendars! We’re having a gym Christmas party Friday, December 15th! It’ll go from 5:00-whenever. More details to come!


Tuesday 11/28/17


11 deadlifts 135/95

9 barbell facing burpees 

7 hang power cleans 

5 push jerks 

Rest 1:00 between rounds 

Mobility/skill work - Single arm overhead squats, use DB's or KB's. 3x10 each arm.


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WOD Monday, 27 November 2017 01:39

Best way to #killthequit is by showing up bright and early tomorrow!! Monday 11/27/17


Cal row 

Wall balls 20/14

KB swings 53/35


Midline/core conditioning 

4 sets

25 hollow rocks 

25 ab mat sit-ups


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WOD Saturday, 25 November 2017 02:12

Schedule will be normal tomorrow! Come get your #olympiclifting in with @dmcruns at 8:00 AM and stick around for an encore at 9:00 for the main WOD!! #wcfr #weekendgainz #olylifting

WOD Friday, 24 November 2017 01:04

Nice work today, love seeing a big group on Thanksgiving! One class tomorrow at 8:00 AM, see you there!


Teams of 3 one person works at a time 

For time 

Buy in - 2,000m row 

150 wall balls 

100 power cleans 135/95

100 Box jumps

150 med ball cleans 

Cash out - 2,000m row 

#wcfr #blackestfriday #teamwod #pain

WOD Thursday, 23 November 2017 02:21

Remember, one WOD at 8:00 AM tomorrow and the 24th (Friday)! Team WOD tomorrow, bring a friend!


For tomorrow...

For time 

Teams of 2 

400m run 

100 air squats 

50 burpees 

400m run 

50 burpees 

100 air squats 

400m run 

100 air squats 

50 burpees 

400m run 

Runs are together and then reps are done with one person working at a time.

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