WOD Wednesday, 24 May 2017 01:22

So much good stuff today!! So.... much good stuff tomorrow??? :) Let's get after it! 
Reminder, only one class on Saturday morning at 9 AM 
Skill work will be Bar Muscle ups 
KB shoulder to overhead (53/35) each hand

Bar muscle ups 
Scale as needed, but scale to a challenge. 
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WOD Tuesday, 23 May 2017 03:15

  • In case you were curious about your diet... keep an eye out for @coachpits coaching Olympic Lifting! Usually means holds of awesome! 
    Just a quick heads up, a few of our coaches will be out so unfortunately this coming Saturday there will only be one class at 9 AM. Tell all your friends! 
    toes to bar kettle bell deadlifts 
    5 wall walks between each round!
    53/70 each hand 
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WOD Monday, 22 May 2017 02:49

One of the key words in our workouts in CrossFit is intensity. I don't think there is a better picture from Regionals this weekend than this one. The intensity by Adrian is unmatched, he has repeatedly stated you don't need harder workouts you need to go harder in your workouts. So go hard! Get after it! 
A quick note on gym cleanliness, I'm talking to all you chalk monsters out there, please take a few minutes to clean up your gym, if you leave a sweat angel, wipe it up, if you are excessive with the chalk, clean it up. We don't have a cleaning crew that comes in, have some care for your surroundings, 2 minutes of your time keeps the gym beautiful! 
Alright, here comes Monday! Congrats to the Wasatch family for sending a team to the CrossFit Games!! #Monday
75 clean and jerks TNG 
Every drop - 20 air squats
For time.

#crossfit #crossfitfamily #functionaltraining#instautah #fitnessisfun #madisonbound

WOD Saturday, 20 May 2017 01:55

  • Lets have some fun this Saturday and lift heavy things at 8 and do a hero WOD at 9....

WOD Friday, 19 May 2017 02:15

  • @ashlan.dee bringing the swag with them snatches! 
    This is brought to you by @coachpits, feel the burn!!! Let's get some lifting on and burn this place down with some work!

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