WOD Monday, 18 December 2017 04:12

Had such a great time with all you fine people at the Race Christmas Party 2017! Sorry we missed a few in the picture; know we love you all! 


Monday 12/18/17

For time 

45 wall balls 20/14

500m row 

25 power cleans 165/115

500m row 

45 wall balls 20/14


Midline/Core conditioning 

3 sets 

10 hollow rocks 

10 second hollow hold 

10 v ups 

10 second hollow hold


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WOD Friday, 15 December 2017 04:01

Oh, you thought Friday was always going to be an easy day? Naaaaah, @bradeysholly set up something nasty for you tomorrow!


And don’t forget, we’re partying tomorrow starting at 5:00!!


Friday 12/15/17

For time 


Push jerks 115/75

Box jumps 24/20


Midline/core conditioning 

Tabata ab mat sit-ups


#wcfr #noeasyday #crossfit #crossfitcommunity #christmas2017

WOD Thursday, 14 December 2017 02:41

So so many of these today. That’s ok though, cause they’re awesome for you! 

Thursday 12/14/17

For time 


Chest to bar pull-ups 

Squat cleans 155/105


Cool down - Take 10-20 minutes to mobilize and stretch


#wcfr #crossfit #sdhp #amillionreps

WOD Wednesday, 13 December 2017 03:56

Game face level: thruster. 


Remember to sign up for the party on the whiteboard if you’re coming so we can get a good count for food!


Wednesday 12/13/17


SDHP 95/65

Barbel facing burpees 


Midline/core conditioning 

5 sets 

10 T2B

10 V Ups 

10 Good Morning (bar only)


#wcfr #thrusters #gameface #intensity #mechanics #crossfit

WOD Tuesday, 12 December 2017 04:37

Must be just about Christmas time! Missed a few people today, was it the pistols?? Hope to see you all tomorrow!


Tuesday 12/12/17

10 mins to build to a heavy 3 rep Thruster



30 double unders 

20 cal row 

10 Thrusters 95/65


#wcfr #redeverything #red #christmas #workout #lsithold

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