TEAM WOD Friday, 18 January 2013 18:25

Free Saturday WOD, bring some friends to share your pain! Hope everyone is good and recovered from FGB yesterday!

FIGHT GONE BAD Friday, 18 January 2013 05:14


2 x 10 FS, 1 x 20 BS @ 60% - Your starting weight for this should be five pounds more than Monday's strength piece.


"Fight Gone Bad!"

Three rounds of:
Wall-ball, 20 pound ball, 10 ft target (Reps)
Sumo deadlift high-pull, 75 pounds (Reps)
Box Jump, 20" box (Reps)
Push-press, 75 pounds (Reps)
Row (Calories)

In this workout you move from each of five stations after a minute.The clock does not reset or stop between exercises. This is a five-minute round from which a one-minute break is allowed before repeating. On call of "rotate", the athletes must move to next station immediately for best score. One point is given for each rep, except on the rower where each calorie is one point.

WOD Thursday, 17 January 2013 01:42


EMOM for 8 minutes:

2 squat cleans, 2 Handstand Pushups

WOD Wednesday, 16 January 2013 23:05


10 minutes to find 1 rep max of push jerk


5 rounds for time of:

6 push jerk @ 60% of 1RM, 8 box jumps @ 24/20", 10 hand release pushups

WOD Tuesday, 15 January 2013 04:12

Skill Work:

Kipping pullups


21-15-9 of:

Deadlift 225/135#, Pullups

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