Bruce Weaver

I may not be a Utah native, but I now claim this state as my own! I was born and raised just outside Columbus, Ohio, but moved to Utah in 2004. At first I worked at Deer Valley as a lift operator but soon joined the Utah Air National Guard where I still serve part time as a mechanic on the KC-135. I married the love of my life, Sarah, in 2005, and we have two wonderful children. My love of fitness started when I was a competitive runner in high school back in Ohio. I never lost the desire to compete-I’ve done some marathons and a lot of other road races here in Utah. I was introduced to CrossFit by my brother in law back in 2008, and it was such a welcome break from my usual gym/run routine. I loved the competitive nature of CrossFit, and started introducing my friends on base to the program. They loved it just as much as I did, and we started a CrossFit-style training program on our base as a result (we were not yet affiliated). It was always a dream of mine to be able to work in the fitness industry, and I am excited to be able to help others reach their goals. What I love about the CrossFit program is that through scaling, it can work for absolutely everybody. Where else can you find grandparents working out side by side with athletes in their prime? What other kind of fitness program has kids doing the same kinds of exercises as their parents? I believe that bringing together a group of people who all have similar fitness goals, regardless of their current fitness level, makes for an amazing community that fosters individual growth and celebrates every achievement. We’re all here for the same reason-striving for personal improvement every day.

Dave Owen

Having a background in wrestling, I have always had a passion for fitness. Like so many of us, I was consumed by the bodybuilder image and found my start as a personal trainer in a global gym owned by a former bodybuilder. This gave me a passion for nutrition and drove me to pursue a degree in nutrition. I am currently working on my undergraduate degree which integrates three minors (Chemistry, Health Promotion, and Nutrition). I stumbled onto the ideas of constantly varied, high intensity training about two months before directed to CrossFit by a friend while conversing about strength and conditioning training. After my first WOD, I was hooked and have followed and ever since.

Enoch Pitzer

Growing up in Alaska gave me a passion for the outdoors and snowboarding. After two knee surgeries related to snowboarding I decided I needed something new. I spent a couple years walking around gyms aimlessly, and thankfully I was introduced to CrossFit by a member of my unit. I was hooked instantly; the wide variance in movements and constant intensity applied to the goals that I had since starting CrossFit, I have completed a wide variety of endurance events from mountain and road bike events to ultra marathons.  CrossFit has taught me to push the limits and believe in myself. It has also filled me with a passion to see other people succeed-not only in fitness but in life.

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