On Ramp

If you have never tried CrossFit before, we need to get you up to speed! The last thing we want to see is anybody getting injured using our program. Our OnRamp program will get you to the point where you have a good enough understanding of the basic movements and methodologies of the program to jump into a group class. The OnRamp course is 4 classes, one hour each. You will first learn basic movements and then do a workout involving those movements while a coach watches and teaches you every step of the way. Remember, these workouts will be SCALED. We recognize that each individual is different and that everyone has different levels of fitness. We will ensure that your workouts match your level of fitness so that you are ready and even excited to come back for the next class!

If you’re ready to take your fitness to a new level, fill out the following forms and bring them in with you on your first visit. That way, we can jump into the class without spending too much time on the minor details.

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