What should you be eating to maximize your body’s potential? There are seemingly a million schools of thought out there on this subject, but thousands of CrossFit athletes and non-athletes alike have whittled the field down to a couple of proven methodologies.

  • Paleo

You may have heard the term before and wondered why anybody would be crazy enough to “eat like a caveman”. The truth is our bodies simply were not designed to handle the constant barrage of carbohydrates that the old-fashioned government food pyramid told us we should be eating. People who have made the switch to the Paleo diet report having more energy all day, almost never getting sick, and looking better than ever. If you want a diet that will lead to easy weight loss without feeling hungry all the time, this is the lifestyle to adopt. To get the best information about this diet, check out Robb Wolf’s website:

  • Primal

Very similar to the Paleo diet, the idea of eating and even living (to an extent) like our Primal ancestors was proposed by a man named Mark Sisson. His book, “The Primal Blueprint”, outlines a fantastic way to eat in order to lose unwanted fat effortlessly while maintaining energy levels throughout the day. Even those who have no need to lose pounds find themselves feeling better than ever eating this way. For more information about this lifestyle, check out Sisson’s page at He’s got a ton of free and very useful information on this website. 

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